Cuter Vanilla Animals Resource Pack

Cuter Vanilla Animals Resource Pack will add new mobs models into your world. Over 30 mobs will be looking different. For example you will see new: pigs, cows, fox, chicken, etc. Are you get bored with old mobs? Let's change it! You can make your game more fresh and interesting. The behavior and function for mobs will not be changed. You can still tame, breed or feed animals. 

  • over 30 new mobs will get new look
  • cute and creative models for mobs
  • new texture for mobs
  • behavior for mobs will not changed

screenshots with some new mobs you will be able to see below. Note that these will be not all amount of mobs, but only few of them.

Cuter Vanilla Animals Resource Pack
DOWNLOAD: cutervanillaanimalsv1_5_0.mcpack [461.74 Kb]

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